Waimea Collab with Ebert Surfboards

Lance Ebert is a Kauai based custom surfboard shaper from Santa Cruz CA. He shapes, paints, glasses and sands by hand in the town of Waimea, Kauai. He once was the primary glasser for Mike Wellman, becoming well versed in technical resin and color work. Lance is recognized for his version of the “mini simmons”, such as the "PO" and "THE RED STRIPE" that was featured in the 2011 surf film IDIOSYNCRASIES. His boards are now ridden around the world in places like Japan and Iceland.

Who better to do a collaboration with then Lance Ebert. These are the photos of Lance and some of the AX staff on location in his personal shaping bay in Waimea. (Photos: Bryce Johnson)

Quick pit stop after the shaping room to Ishihara Market for some fresh poke & choke grinds