He Learned To Love Well

This past month we had the pleasure of collaborating with Pow Wow Hawaii artist Kapache1 (Kaplan Bunce) on the mural he dedicated to the Riley family for their youngest son Lucas Makana Riley. Lucas recently passed away in California after being hit by a drunk driver. He was an amazing person- young, talented, compassionate, and open. Those who were close to him would say, “ He learned to love well”.

The design Kapache1 dedicated for this mural has colors and shapes synonymous with his Apache ancestry. The darker green diamonds on the top and bottom symbolize the foundation and strength of Lucas’s father, Mark. The pink is for the femininity and love of his mother Tami. The orange boomerang-like shapes symbolize family. The purple is the color of Kauai, and the six black triangles are for his connection with his home, Hawaii. The dark grey (building color) is to signify Aloha Exchange and its representation of our community. The light blue throughout is the Apache color of protection. And the overall cross shape of the design symbolizes Lucas’s faith.

Proceeds from the shirt will be going to help support the Riley family.

Mahalo to Kaplan for blessing our building, the Riley family, and our community with your amazing talent. (skillz) 

Posted on November 4, 2016 .