Product Feature: Poler Stuff - The Magic Tarpent

Here at Aloha Exchange, one of our favorite brands we carry at the shop are outdoor/camping gear from Portland, Oregon: Poler Stuff. One of the products we think could come in handy for any camping trip is the Magic Tarpent. It comes with two pieces where you can use it for multiple purposes. Here are some examples below of how it can be used. 


With its material, it reflects 90% body heat to keep you warm in chilly weather and those cold rainy nights. 


Changing station before & after those long surf sessions. 


Get creative, use it to keep your camp essentials nice and cool. 


It also can be built into a one man tent. With its 2 piece system, you can create a small shelter for yourself. The ground cloth is waterproof with a silver lining. Check out the #Campvibes video for more details on the Magic Tarpent. (Product featured at 1:45). 

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