How To Relive Your Favorite Summer Memories - Aloha Exchange Style

When you think of the perfect day at the beach, what's the first smell that comes to mind? Is it the salty ocean air, the scent of a warm cotton towel, or your favorite sunscreen?



Smell has been found to be the strongest link to memory, pulling you right back into the moment and allowing you to relive your favorite days past. It's also referred to as the "Proust Phenomenon" triggering "involuntary memories." Pretty awesome.

So how does that involve Aloha Exchange? 

We want to help you create awesome memories that you can relive down the road! 

How can we do that? 

Providing the goods. We offer six, succulent scented SunBum lip balms; Banana, Coconut, Mango, Key Lime, Pink Guava and Pomegranate. Not only that but they have SPF 30 to keep your lips looking their best.

Grab one today, bring it with you on your next adventure and use lavishly! Whether you're hiking the Napali Coast and want to remember the smell of mouth-watering mango or you're catching sun rays on the sunny south side and want to recall the smell of coconuts while lying under the swaying palms, SunBum has something for everyone at just $4.99 a piece. Stop in today and start making memories!