Collaboration with Mike Coots

Mike Coots is a surfer, diver, photographer, shark bite survivor and shark advocate. He is from our home in Kaua'i. While body boarding, Coots was attacked by a Tiger shark, losing one of his legs. Mike has taken his experience and made it into something positive. He is now an advocate and educator, diving and photographing sharks. We are inspired by Coots and wanted to help spread shark awareness through a collaborative t-shirt. We have taken two of his epic shark photos and created t-shirts, tank tops, and pareaus to help spread the aloha for these creatures.


Montest 2017

This was our 5th annual costume slash surf contest. But more of a costume contest, we are not really judging people on their skills. The event was blessed with perfect conditions for surfing in costumes. 


A great turnout donning costumes from Coco Puffs cuckoo bird to Jane Fonda to Braveheart. 


There was also surfing.


And the winners...

Mahalos to all who came out!

Posted on November 29, 2017 .

Hand Plane Workshop

We hosted our very first Hand Plane Workshop with the makers behind Shed Sled Hand Planes and tasty grinds from The Saddle Room. For the event, the guys behind Shed Sled's, Ward and Nick, gathered a bunch of recycled materials beforehand to allow the community to create a custom hand plane from start to finish for free! Some of the materials used were pieces of old skate decks, slabs of different kinds of wood blocks and old seat belt straps. We had such a good turn out for the workshop and cannot wait to try it again. Here are a couple images from the process.


Step 1: Pick out your choice of material and draw out the template design for shape


Step 2: Cut out your custom shape, use tools to help speed up sanding process. For final touches use sand paper to finish off the edges and make it smooth


Side Note: Sanding is the gnarliest part. Everything gets super dusty and crazy, so wear protective eyewear. 


Step 3: Choose your design and how you want to paint it. We used Spray paint and tape. Start with a regular paint, after it dries, use a clear coat to finish off the color.


Food break while the paint dries off your design. Mahalo to The Saddle Room for coming to serve up some tasty burgers and steaks for the event! 


Step 4: Finish off the hand plane by putting on a strap for your hand


Step 5: Brand it, custom stamps made by Shed Sled and AX for your own custom hand plane


Most creative Hand Plane goes to Nolan, who made one slippah!


Mahalo to all those who helped sponsor this free event: Shed Sled Hand Planes, Vissla Surf, DaFin 

AX 4 Year Party

Mahalo to all of you who came out to support our 4th year anniversary party! It was a fun night filled with some of our favorite food trucks, Scorpacciata and the Fresh Shave, along with the surf movie premiere of Taylor Steele's film, "Proximity" over at The Yoga Garage. It was a packed night and we were stoked to raffle off some awesome prizes from some of our favorite brands and sponsors from the shop. The big prize we have each year that we all look forward to seeing who wins was the brand new Will Scovel surfboard! Such good times and we appreciate all of you who have supported our shop over the last four years. MAHALO!


Aloha Roastery

Right in the heart of Old Koloa Town, is Kauai's newest coffee shop, Aloha Roastery. The coffee shop is owned by our good friends and twin brothers Caleb and Cameron Satterfield, along with Cameron's wife, Sybil Satterfield who bakes all their pastries. The trio prides themselves in being a specialty coffee shop where you can find a simple menu of espresso beverages as well as fresh by the cup pour over coffee thats all roasted in house daily! The inside of the coffee shop has a modern design with wooden counter tops to lounge and hang. The outside courtyard is also great to enjoy your cup of coffee with gorgeous historic monkey pod trees. We took a field trip over to the shop one day to say hello and get fueled up for the day. If you ever are on the south shore, be sure to check out this place, its a must see! (Photos: Bryce Johnson)

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Waimea Collab with Ebert Surfboards

Lance Ebert is a Kauai based custom surfboard shaper from Santa Cruz CA. He shapes, paints, glasses and sands by hand in the town of Waimea, Kauai. He once was the primary glasser for Mike Wellman, becoming well versed in technical resin and color work. Lance is recognized for his version of the “mini simmons”, such as the "PO" and "THE RED STRIPE" that was featured in the 2011 surf film IDIOSYNCRASIES. His boards are now ridden around the world in places like Japan and Iceland.

Who better to do a collaboration with then Lance Ebert. These are the photos of Lance and some of the AX staff on location in his personal shaping bay in Waimea. (Photos: Bryce Johnson)

Quick pit stop after the shaping room to Ishihara Market for some fresh poke & choke grinds

He Learned To Love Well

This past month we had the pleasure of collaborating with Pow Wow Hawaii artist Kapache1 (Kaplan Bunce) on the mural he dedicated to the Riley family for their youngest son Lucas Makana Riley. Lucas recently passed away in California after being hit by a drunk driver. He was an amazing person- young, talented, compassionate, and open. Those who were close to him would say, “ He learned to love well”.

The design Kapache1 dedicated for this mural has colors and shapes synonymous with his Apache ancestry. The darker green diamonds on the top and bottom symbolize the foundation and strength of Lucas’s father, Mark. The pink is for the femininity and love of his mother Tami. The orange boomerang-like shapes symbolize family. The purple is the color of Kauai, and the six black triangles are for his connection with his home, Hawaii. The dark grey (building color) is to signify Aloha Exchange and its representation of our community. The light blue throughout is the Apache color of protection. And the overall cross shape of the design symbolizes Lucas’s faith.

Proceeds from the shirt will be going to help support the Riley family.

Mahalo to Kaplan for blessing our building, the Riley family, and our community with your amazing talent. (skillz) 

Posted on November 4, 2016 .